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Vehicle Maintenance

We do not want you to BREAK DOWN, that is why we suggest you keep regular maintenance on your vehicle. Scheduled oil changes are a great start. We can keep you aware of what is going on with your vehicle, and what and when you should have things replaced.


Buyers Inspection

BEFORE you purchase a used vehicle, our advise is to get it checked by a mechanic BEFORE you purchase it. Whether it is by Humming Motors or another shop. Please follow this advise.


Dedicated Mechanics

Our mechanics are trained to complete most automotive services. Dedication to their craft and desire to do their best is what drives them.


Oil & Brake Checks


We do oil changes. But OUR oil changes do not stop there. We lift your vehicle, inspect all it's elements. Check all hoses and belts, all fluids, check tire pressure and make sure your vehicle is safe on the road and safe from causing you unexpected repairs down the road



From Check engine lights, to brakes to engine replacements. We do just about whatever is needed to help you stay on the road.

Our #1 goal is to set up a maintenance plan for your vehicle. So you keep out of costly repairs down the road.


Check-Engine Light

The check engine light will illuminate for a large number of reasons.  Do not panic - but don't ignore that light - especially if it is flashing. A solid glowing check engine light could be indicating a problem that is easily fixable. If your check engine light is flashing, it's indicating a potentially dangerous systems issue and you should not drive your car.

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