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Servicing vehicles for nearly 30 years!

From new car warranty repair to maintenance of your beloved older car, at Humming Motors we have everything needed to take care of all your vehicle maintenance and repairs. We service foreign and domestic vehicles. From new car warranty to engine repair, to changing your tires — we do it all. We’ll find the rattle in your dash, the vibration in your steering, and the pulsating in your brakes. We’ll diagnose your check-engine light problem, repair your brakes, and service your air-conditioning system. We’ll change the oil, fill your washer fluid, and rotate your tires. We’re here to keep your vehicle running its best.

For our customers our commitment goes beyond just repairing your vehicle — we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our technicians are available to answer your questions about your vehicle repair and all repairs are approved by you before the work is done.

As a mechanic, I started out as an apprentice when I was 9 years old, at Jack's Auto Repair. I attended Don Bosco High School, where I studied, not only the basics, but Auto Repair. After I graduated, I went to work for Hollywood Toyota. After several years, I learned that my old boss from Jack's was retiring. I purchased his business and in 1992, Humming Motors Auto Repair & Maintenance Service Center was born. I have been an ASE Master Certified Technician for over 20 years.

I take what I do very seriously. I strive at doing my best and making sure your vehicle is repaired the first time. That is why my company slogan is "We worry, so you don't have to". You shouldn't have to stress about your vehicle. Come visit us, we'll get you on a maintenance program and make sure your ride is prepared for the road at all times.

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